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Pioneering floating solar power project started in Tokyo Bay

15:05 | 11/05/2024

(Construction) - Japanese real estate developer Tokyu Land Corporation has installed equipment on the surface of Tokyo Bay for the demonstration of floating solar power technology.

This marks the first domestic demonstration of such technology. The generated electricity will be stored in onshore batteries and supplied to electric mobility vehicles operating in the Bay Area, constructing a model for local production and consumption of energy, with future expansion plans across Japan.

Pioneering floating solar power project started in Tokyo Bay
Pioneering floating solar power project started in Tokyo Bay

The project is being implemented by Tokyu Land in collaboration with SolarDuck, a solar power company based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. It has been selected as part of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's technology demonstration project, the "Tokyo Bay eSG Project Preliminary Project."

The equipment measures 30 meters by 26 meters with a height of 6 meters and will have an output ranging from 80 to 100 kilowatts. During the demonstration, electricity will be stored in batteries, transferred to mobile batteries, and transported to the venue of the event to be hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in Umi no Mori area from May 12th to the 21st, where it will supply power to electric bicycles and boats.

Tokyu Land aims to establish a local production and consumption system and hopes to finalize a model that can be deployed across various regions through this demonstration. In rural areas, efforts are being made in collaboration with towns, such as in Matsumae Town, Hokkaido, to establish an energy self-sufficiency system through wind power generation. (2024/05/10)

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